After much thought, we have decided to purchase a mini Bernedoodle (F1B, male) puppy! Last week we chose our gorgeous new family member, at the age of 4 weeks. Of course, from a responsible breeder who tested both puppies and parents on 192 hereditary disorders, coat, and more. All puppies were very social and seemed healthy. Moreover, the mother (called Nova) was very friendly, and she immediately gave us a warm welcome. We can pick him up in about three to four weeks. I am really looking forward to it! In the meantime, we will make the necessary preparations.  

We’ve chosen this Mixed-breed because it’s known for its fantastic temperament, intelligence, and low shedding coat with beautiful colors. We also wished for traits of the Bernese Mountain dog, because we loved our previous Berner. Unfortunately, this dog passed away 14 years ago at the early age of 6.5. So we decided to get a dog with a longer life expectancy. Bernedoodles tend to live an average of 12 to 18 years, and tiny doodles tend to live longer in comparison to a standard, according to

Below you can see two pictures of his parents. We expect our dog to be slightly smaller and thinner compared to Nova, with a similar Merle coat color.

Through this site, I want to let you know how our dog is doing so far. In the near future, I’ll also keep you informed through videos, so you can see him growing up.

Bernedoodle Nova

Poodle Oliver

Bernedoodle Nova Merle Coat Parent F1 generation
Poodle parent of our mini Bernedoodle puppy