The previous blog post was about my Berndoodle having him for 5 months. Right now, he is a few months older. In this post I will talk about my Bernedoodle dog having him for 8 months. Can’t call it a puppy anymore :), because he is almost full grown.

Cooper currently weighs about 13 kg (or 28lb). This is smaller than we had expected. He stopped growing for a whole period of time. When he stopped growing, he also ate less. At least when it comes to chunks…not meat. Currently, he is growing again. We can see this because his back isn’t straight, and his butt lifts a bit. When he isn’t growing his back is flat. Whenever his back goes flat again, he has grown a bit in length. 

He also changed somewhat in character. He becomes a bit more affectionate because he likes petting a little more. But he still needs his own space. For example, when he is resting on the floor, he isn’t so reactive. Since the 7th month, he isn’t biting that much on our hands. But right now he has some other monkeyshines… For example, he took a small bite from our new table. So we still have to be careful and supervise him.

When it comes to training it’s going reasonably well. He understands the basic commands like sit, lie down, follow, and stay. And he performs them most of the time. Even when he is a bit distracted I manage to get his attention. But when he is entirely distracted he doesn’t listen. So I think it’s key to keep his excitement level below a certain threshold. The puppy training has been finished, and we will start a more advanced training soon.

His coat is getting curlier and curlier. It requires LOTS of work when you don’t trim it short. To keep his coat optimal we have to take out lots of mats, everyday single day. These mats form when the fur gets tangled, and they contain loose and live fur. If we don’t brush it every day, the coat begins to trap more fur. Our breeder scored coat maintenance with a 9. But we give it a 10 because it’s almost impossible to take one or two days off. Otherwise, you will regret it the next day. We are thinking about trimming his coat shorter. It won’t be as nice, as he will look skinnier. But eventually, it will save a lot of work.

We are still in contact with the breeder and other people of the litter. Maybe we will organize a meeting next year, so our dog will see his brothers and sisters again. Don’t worry, he won’t recognize them anymore. Many owners trim their Bernededoodles coat short because everyone notices the amount of work it takes.

Of course I took lots of pictures. Here are some pictures I like.

Mini Bernedoodle toy