mini Bernedoodle puppy experience – having him for about 3 months

In my previous post, I talked about my experiences with Cooper having him for one month. This post will tell you about my experience with our mini Bernedoodle puppy Cooper, having him for about three months.

He is currently a toddler, and his character has changed significantly compared to the 2 months old Cooper. He also grew a lot and now weighs about 9 kg. We expect his final weight to be approximately 18 kg.

Cute mini Bernedoodle mixed doodle is staring at me between tree branches in the forest

We are still in contact with the owners of his littermates through WhatsApp and Facebook. And it’s funny to see most owners experience the same puppy problems.

The behavior of most puppies is changing similarly. Almost all puppies are currently showing biting and digging behavior, except one.

When our dog shows this behavior, we try to distract him with a toy, or we isolate him for a few minutes to calm down.

Most puppies are destroying their owners’ stuff. Luckily our puppy acts reasonably behaved. He hasn’t demolished any important properties, yet… We always provide him with things to do, which prevents him from being destructive. 

He can be very independent, which is a good thing because he needs to learn to be alone. He doesn’t follow me around the house constantly and likes to be on his own to nap in a quiet environment. And luckily, he doesn’t whine anymore when we leave our home. I think he can we can leave him on his own for about three hours.

His daily life is fascinating and mainly consists of:

  • Sleeping (He is the king of napping)
  • Biting (ouch.. especially after his naps)
  • Playing (especially after his naps he’s very energetic)
  • Watching his boss (Of course, his ideal rolmodel)
  • Standing ready be pet (Especially at the spot of his collar)
  • Eating (You guessed it right, he likes meat… and lots of it)

We learned some basic tricks. Things like sit, lie down, stay, look at me, fetch, roll over and side.  Cooper performs them quite well indoors, but we experience some difficulties when he is in a distracting environment. For example, when walking, he sees new things, like tree branches, plants, animals, and people.