Hi there!

Now that we have chosen our new Bernedoodle puppy, we’re making the necessary preparations. But first, I want to share some beautiful pictures of our Bernedoodle Cooper, made by our breeder.

Cooper the Bernedoodle puppy watching
Cooper the Bernedoodle pup
Cooper the Bernedoodle pup

Support from our bernedoodle breeder

We get support from our Bernedoodle breeder. This comes in handy because it has been a long time since we had our last dog. We have been provided with the necessary information about coat care, dog food, puppy exercise, and much more.

Puppies growth process

Our breeder emphasizes that it’s important to keep an eye on our puppy’s rapid growth process. Dogs are vulnerable when they’re in the growth phase. This is because bones are not fully grown yet. Moreover, some bones are very fragile because cartilage still needs to be strengthened. And muscles/joints still undergo significant transformation.

Because growing puppies are vulnerable, we must stick to a strict schedule. We have received an exercise schedule from our breeder, shown in the table below. Nutrition, rest, and adjusted movement are of major importance in the first year.

Daily walk schedule for our bernedoodle puppy

Daily walk schedule

8 weeks

5 minutes per walk

16 weeks

10 minutes per walk

20 weeks

15 minutes per walk

For every month the pup gets older, you can add 5 minutes.

shopping at our local pet store

To prepare for our new puppy, we bought some things at our local pet store. I’ve summarized these in the table below, so you can get an impression of what to buy when you got your first Bernedoodle puppy.

Puppy dog food.

Puppy dog food for our Bernedoodle puppy, made by WOOOF. We bought this in preparation for our new Bernedoodle puppy.

This food contains extra nutrients (more energy / proteins) for growth, and smaller chunk sizes. Wooof should contain all nessecary ingredients at half price. This food was recommended by our breeder.

Dog leash

To prepare for our Bernedoodle puppy we bought a leather dog leash, made by Adori.

We bought this leash from Adori, which is made of firm leather. This leash can be used for both dog training and a daily walk, and is very versatile.

Grooming table

We have made our own grooming table. We already brush our dog at this table, so he gets used to it. In the meantime we give him some snacks.

Dog brush

To prepare for our Bernedoodle puppy we bought a simple dog brush.

A simple brush is sufficient in the first half-year. After this we're gonna need a more advanced brush. Regular brushing and trimming is necessary to remove tangles and prevents the felting process. A felted coat deprives the skins ability to breathe, which can cause excessive sweating and shortness of breath. This will cause (skin) problems. Moreover, a long coat will linger more dust (which will cause problems for people with allergies), parasites, leaves, sand and so on. 

Potty training pads

We will train our Bernedoodle puppy with these potty training pads.

Puppy potty training pads so we can toilet train our Bernedoodle pup. These tend to be super absorbent and contain an attractive scent (pheromone) that motivates the puppy to use them.

Dog bowls

Dog bowls to prepare for our new Bernedoodle puppy, made by Adori.

A food and water bowl made by Adori so our dog can fill his tummy. Bowls are made of stainless steal, which make them easy to clean. Furthermore, stainless steal prevents the attachment of unpleasant odors and bacteria.

Dog crate

We bought this dog crate for our Bernedoodle puppy, made by Adori. This dog crate is made from Galvanised steel.
Dog crate from powder coated steel, made by Adori.

We bought a dog crate made by Adori (upper picture). At first glance it looks really solid. It's made from Galvanised steel which felt way better in comparison to the crate made from powder coated steel. With this crate we can offer our dog some privacy and security, while we can enjoy peace of mind when leaving our dog home alone.

Dog crate pad

We will place this dog crate pad in the dog crate for our Bernedoodle.

Wooff All-weather crate pad. It should be abrasion resistant and is made of 600D Polyester. It's waterresisent and easy to clean.

Dog toys

Dragon dog toy for our Bernedoodle puppy, made by KONG.

We also bought some toys for our new puppy. These are some of the toys I want to mention. The dragon toy made by KONG looks really fun and has a very loud squeaker.  Next we have the hide-a-squirrel toy. This toy contains six little squirrels with squakers inside, and my puppy absolutely loves them. The bob-a-lot toy is a treat dispenser and is useful to keep your busy.

Dog nail clippers

We will buy this when it's time to clip 😉

Dog toothbrush

We will buy this when its time to brush 😉

Doodle booster

We bought this doodle booster made by PAW-R. This product was recommended by our breeder. The quality seems very good to me. With this booster we are able to remove moisture and dust attached to our dogs coat.

Choosing a dog training school

Last but not least, we went to a dog training school to ask for information about puppy training. After this, we immediately registered because we were satisfied. Our pup’s training will start in the next week after we’ve picked him up.