About us

Hi there! Cooper here! Welcome to our website, which is particularly dedicated towards me, the Bernedoodle. And because my lovely Doodle friends also deserve some attention, this site is also about them! You are on the right place, whether you want to learn more about me (which will unanimously interest you the most) or my Doodle friends!

The idea of Bernedoodog started back in September 2020, when I was still playing with my littermates. My boss wanted to put us in the spotlight, because he thinks we deserves more popularity. This is certainly true, because we are so adorable and it’s a pity that there was such a small amount of information available about us. He also wanted to keep track of my progress, so that he can look back on me later, with beautiful memories!

Who we are

Me, Cooper, I am a wonderful Bernedoodle dog. It’s my duty to inspire my boss, and I regularly work as a fashion model. And about my boss, he is just a huge dog lover. He wants to spend his leisure time writing useful information about me and my friends, which is, of course, the right thing to do.

What we do

My boss loves to write useful information about my breed to help visitors answer their Doodle questions. He also wants to bring Bernedoodle owners together.