In the previous post, I talked about my experiences of the first week with my Bernedoodle puppy. This post was mainly about crate training and socializing our dog. At the time of writing, I have owned my Bernedoodle puppy Cooper for one month. And in this post, I will give you an update on how he’s doing so far.

Generally speaking, Cooper has done really well. He gets more independent and doesn’t follow me around the house every time. In the first two weeks, he has been whining quite a lot. After one month, this whining has been reduced to almost 0. He remains quiet when we put him into his crate at night. But when we leave him in his crate during the day (for approx 2 hours), he is still crying at certain moments, depending on his energy level. 

They say Bernedoodles can be quite stubborn when in puppy phase, and apparently, this may be true. Our pup refuses walking with a leash often, which I find quite headstrong. Although it could also be possible that he doesn’t fully understand the meaning of the leash.

In this first month, I have shown him more of the outside world. This is important because it will give him more self-confidence, which he will need later on in life. I took him to many places, and I will mention some of these in the following paragraphs.

The park

We took a squeaker squirrel from the game ‘Hide A Squirrel’ to the park and started playing with him for about 10 minutes. Of course he really enjoyed this. Because he was so enthusiastic, I decided to film the action with my DSLR camera. I also wanted to take some pictures, but I had to make him really tired before getting some beautiful ones.

Mini Bernedoodle Cooper with blue merle tri colors at the park

The lake

I went to a local lake with him. Here I introduced him to the sandy surface, water, and wild animals. And of course he really liked it.

The forest

I took Cooper to a local forest. At first, he acted quite anxious when he saw so many trees together, and he often trembled. But he got over it and, in the end, he enjoyed it very much. I also took him to a nearby farm, where he saw some different kinds of pets for the first time, including chickens, ducks, and goats.

Cute mini Bernedoodle mixed doodle is staring at me between tree branches in the woods

The mall

The mall is easy peasy for him, at least in our own town. He is always very curious towards other people. When he sees someone new, his tail wags, and he wants to explore the person as fast as possible. Oftentimes I don’t allow this because I want to teach him some good manners. Also, it might not be that clever because of the increasing number of corona cases at our country.

The Train

In the first weeks, we already introduced him to trains. This because he will likely see different kinds of public transport (including trains) at some point in his life. He showed some anxiety, and therefore we didn’t put him on the train immediately.

At the end of the month, we put him on the train. To our surprise, he just walked onto the train and pretended as if nothing happened. He enjoyed the ride while he was chewing a dog bone.

Petting zoo

To introduce our dog to many different animals, we went to the petting zoo as a family outing. This didn’t cost any money, and nevertheless, it was a great experience. The zoo included animals like donkeys, chickens, goats, horses, squirrels, sheep, and even two newborn pigs.

Mini Bernedoodle Cooper at the petting zoo meets a donkey